Forever Ring

Forever Ring



Designed with forever in mind, Holstad & Co.’s Forever Ring brings together the artistry and size of our signature ring band and a beautiful blue topaz.

Designed by Holstad & Co. Director and Designer Sandra Holstad, the ring band is famous for its iconic design, which look like two faces kissing where they meet.

Blue topaz was chosen to complete this design for it’s soothing, recharging and healing properties. When one thinks of forever, one things of a relationship that lasts the tests of time. Be it a relationship with your true self, your spiritual journey, a great love, a hope or a promise to yourself, the Forever Ring stands as a reminder that love and beauty and all that is forever endures.


Blue topaz

Gold plated .925 silver

Ring band is size adjustable

Available in size 8. Other sizes are made to order.

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