Tourmaline Healing Bracelet 8mm

Tourmaline Healing Bracelet 8mm


Designer's Note:

Holstad & Co's Healing Bracelets are carefully selected and designed to harness Nature's energy to aid you in your life's quest.

Tourmaline is thought to clear negative energy or transform it into good energy that helps to strengthen the body and spirit. The healing properties are linked to the colour of the tourmaline. This bracelet is designed with multicoloured tourmalines to help heal on multiple levels.

Green tourmaline is said to heal life energy, living, thriving and growing. Black tourmaline is thought to provide protection while energizing the body and transform negative energy into positive. Pink tourmaline encourages love, self-love and compassion. Blue tourmaline helps with clear communication and calming anxiety.


8 mm tourmaline

Gold plated brass

Elastic band

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