Enigma Healing Bracelet

Enigma Healing Bracelet



Holstad & Co's Healing Bracelets are carefully selected and designed to harness Nature's energy to aid you in your life's quest.

Lava rock is thought to be an excellent aid in balancing and grounding the Base Chakra. It has strong earth and fire energies harnessed by its formation at the Earth's volcanic core. Lava rock in often used to help the wearer remain grounded and calm and feel stronger physically and mentally.

Black Spinel is a protective stone that repels negativity and grounds the user. Use Black Spinel to get rid of anger and resentment, replacing them with more effective ways of communicating. Black Spinel gives one inspiration and a better sense of empowerment, without overwhelming others.

Pyrite is used to protect one from harm and criticism and is often used to inspire creativity.

Hematite is said to harness the power of the element of earth to help ground you and balance your root chakra.


Lava rock

Black spinel



Gold plated brass

Length: approx 7 inches, bracelet is size adjustable

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